In an effort to get you who only READ my blog and don't comment or have not become a follower, I am offering a reward to the next person who becomes a follower! I guess it benefits those who live around the twin cities most, but here it is:

Attend my next Wine and Paint Party FREE!
Wednesday March 11
7 - 9 pm

Yes, simply become a follower by clicking on the follower button on the right side where the other followers are, and get yourself set up! It's very simple and won't take but a minute! That's an $85 value for FREE!

Email me to let me know you've done the deal!

Best of luck,


Daniel Snow said...

I subscribe to your RSS feed, does that count?!


DaisyGiraffe said...

I check your blog every day. You know that!


Claire Kayser said...

Hey Daniel!

Thanks for getting my feeds! I'm glad to know you're tuning in. I AM looking for more "followers" in the follower section, so you are still a candidate if you would sign up....

How's photography? Missing it a bit, but I plan to do some more creative things in the spring.

Best to you!

Claire Kayser said...

Thanks, Jenn!