Sarah's "Loving You Is Easy"

Sarah McLachlan - the BOMB!

I have just this week become a huge Sarah McLachlan fan!  I have always liked her music on the radio, but when I went to my 6200-song iTunes library, I was surprised to realize that I owned only one song of hers - not even one of her popular ones like Angel or Building a Mystery!  It was Dirty Little Secret from her Afterglow record.  I don't even know where I got it!  I listened to this only song, and LOVED IT!  So I went to iTunes to get some more of her music, at least the ones I knew, and saw that she just put out a new record after about 8 years.  So, I sampled it and really loved the songs for her silky, smooth, sensuous voice and her passionate, smart lyrics.  Then, I download Laws of Illusion.  I LOVE IT!!!  Then, the rest I've added thus far...