It Was One of Mine!

This week I woke up to see an email from my former student Kirsten who is now visiting Cortona, Italy with her family this week.  See the rest of what she wrote me:

Hi Claire,

Guess what is hanging in the WC at the villa we are renting!  I was coveting this painting and took a closer look, and now I know why :-). I am really missing my painting class now!  We just arrived in Cortona yesterday and will head into town today with the kids.  It's Jack's birthday and we'll load up with food for a feast and art supplies for everyone.  Also, could you please tell me what the music is on your Tuscany web page?   Want to get it!  Thanks much.  Xox Kirsten

I painted this little window painting after being in Cortona with the University of Georgia's Studies Abroad in Art.  These windows were on the old convent where part of our group stayed.  We hand washed our clothes that summer, and these were "intimates" of the gal's room hanging from the window to dry.  Made for a great painting that was later purchased by a lady in St. Paul who happens to own the villa where Kirsten is staying.  This email and pics MADE MY DAY!
This gave me energy and inspiration to get started painting for my upcoming show in October!  You may find more paintings and info on my site!
Thanks, Kirsten!