Sheryl Douglas!

Wow, we in class have anxiously been waiting for Sheryl to complete this painting of her brother on his Harley! We loved it the moment she brought the canvas into class with her great sketch of it as a start. She's great at drawing, too. Also, Sheryl creates some of the most edgy, creative, artsy cards, too. Please inquire about seeing some of them. I will post pics of some when I get some images of them. Until then, enjoy this masterpiece! Way to go, Sheryl!


Carole featured on CBS affiliate!

Check out Carole (my twin sister and artist) and her studio, her work, and my work featured on WHNT tv channel 19 in Huntsville, AL! They did a huge feature on her and her work their morning show this morning, and she even taught the reporter to paint a Tabasco bottle! See her and her awesome studio in this video!

Come to Athens with me for our Southern Palette Creativa Painting Journey for women in mid April - a most beautiful, spring time to be there to learn to paint, relax and tap into your creativity. Also, the popular dogwood festival will be happening that weekend April 17 and 18th. Check Carole and her studio out below!

Also, Carole's husband just put his model home theatre in her building and made a beautiful new space to be able to showcase his audio/visual equipment for his business AV Works. It's a really nice set up. Check it out here as he demonstrates playing the Wii on it...


St. Martin!

Tom and I had a fabulous week together in beautiful St. Martin from Feb. 7 - 14th! It was hard to come back to cold and snow after getting to view this for a week... It was heavenly!

Click here for a COOL SLIDESHOW of pics from the week!



... for St. Maartin this morning! I will be gone for a week with hubby in what looks to be a most beautiful place. Both writing and images when I get back. Happy Valentine's to everyone, too!

Be Blessed!


A Must Read!

Wow! The Liberty Post Blog in Canada had a great post today about "Stuff vs. Experiences" in this difficult economy, and she plugged C&C Creativa Painting Journeys as something great to do! I couldn't agree more.

Thanks, Liberty!

Read here!


CKFA Drawing Workshop!

Claire Kayser Fine Art - Drawing 101

Tonight and tomorrow night I'm teaching a basic drawing workshop - the first several I plan to do this year. It's full! I've got 8 great students, and we will be diving right into to drawing, then I will teach some basic concepts and will have students draw again the simply shaped object. Day 2 will cover 1 and 2-point perspective. Looking forward to a fun night with goodies and coffee to make that much more enjoyable!