Helga on Peter's Wall!

Yes, we went to Peter's house last night for dinner. He's about to paint his dining room red, and he wanted me to paint a figure on the wall first. He had Andrew Wyeth's Helga nude in a frame, so I used it to do a figure. Here she is! Used only a fat wall brush... FUN!!!


During My Quiet Time this Morning

During my prayer time this morning, I was so taken by the color in the clouds through a narrow window in my kitchen. I quickly went up to our 3rd floor and shot this! Enjoy and be blessed!

Peter & Pheasants!

Wow! Our minister Peter who is new to hunting, showed up at our door at 10:00 Wednesday night. He had said that if he got any pheasants he would come and lay them on our table. HE DID! He and is cute dog Barney were tired after a day of hunting - you can see the sleepiness in Barney's eyes. Peter was elated, to say the least. Look at the beautiful colors in these birds. Way to go Peter!


In the holiday rush for pictures!

This time of year is just CRAZY with all the holiday shooting for cards and family get togethers. I love it, and I wanted to share a few of my favorite images over the last couple of weeks. I've enjoyed getting out of the studio for some of these shoots. We still have no snow here in St. Paul!



Hey All!

I've worked tirelessly over the last week creating my new website http://www.clairekayser.com/ Please check it out! Would love to read your comments!

Enjoy the holiday season!