Last Regular Workshop of the School Year!

Yep!  The last workshop begins April 22 for Tuesday students and April 24 for Thursday.  I still have 4 spaces in the Thursday class if anyone is interested.  Workshop will include working with a model this session focusing on proportion, light and shadows for a couple of sessions.  It will be great!  See schedule below:

Start Tuesday April 22 and Thursday 24
(5 weeks this time instead of 6 weeks)
skip the week of May 12-16
continue thru May 27th and 29th
Fee is only $225 instead of $295

We will continue painting - "come if you can Tuesdays" this summer!  Pay by the class.  Fee $50/class.  Plein air painting!  Yes, we will have warm weather soooooooon!  Please contact me if interested in summer adult painting on Tuesdays!



Thanks to the Leslies and the Mayos for allowing me to do commissioned paintings for them recently! The Leslies wanted a street scene buzzing with people 30x40", and I did this scene from a quaint, charming town on the ocean - Sorrento, Italy. I visited Sorrento in 1994 while there for art school. BEAUTIFUL littel town!

The other painting is more of an impression of the client's husband and two children that she wanted done in the same style as a few painting I've done recently that are less detailed and have an abstract, geometric quality to them. She wanted red and blue sky. I made it up completely - knowing the husband and children and trying to convey their personalities and gestures as simply and possible. I think I captured it, and she certainly thought so! I was proud, but I know it was completely God working in me to accomplish it. Thank you, God!

Thank you Leslies and Mayos!


20% OFF! ....... thru May 3, so HURRY!

Now, you may take advantage of another offer if you missed the deal earlier! To the first 3 to respond, get 20% off a painting commission - any size painting, any choice of subject matter. See general painting pricing and contract. Contact me by responding to this post (click "comment" at the bottom of this post), and we can discuss your idea. GREAT for Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthday or any occasion where you want to give something original and unique! This special offer is only online through my blog and is good thru May 3!