OK, hhhhhhhhhhhhh, I just finished this painting (10"x10") and need to mail all my paintings today to Carole's studio. We will take them all down to Rosemary Beach for our show and workshop! I think I'm happy with this one. I used sand in the bottom left area to give a "beachy" texture. Would love any comments!

Be blessed!



I need critiques on this one! Please comment! I'd be very grateful!

A Day with Daddy!

Another painting done in this new style for me - a bit abstract but with simple representation. Gotta name for it?


Imaging USA - San Antonio, TX

It's been about aweek since I got home from San Antonio for the great PPA hosted Imaging USA! Awesome time we had meeting so many great people that I've corresponded with over the last months and years in one case (Jenny Driscoll) and finally had the chance to meet. The trade show exhibited all the latest and greatest that the photography industry has to offer. Many legendary photographers and up and coming photographers spoke and shared their wonderful work and advice. All and all, it was a very valuable and enriching experience! More pics later....


Pink Bikini

I'm painting for the big Women's Getaway Weekend at Rosemary Beach the first weekend in Feb. Carole and I are the guest featured artists! We will be presenting paintings and photography and will be teaching a workshop, too. Should be lots of fun!
I've just finished this painting I started earlier today during my painting class! I'm trying to keep a simple look, somewhat abstract and simple. Your comments would be greatly appreciated!

Be Blessed!


Hot day with Eileen and Hot Mama!

Just had a fun little shopping and lunch outing with my friend Eileen, and we ended up at the Hot Mama store at Victoria Crossing in St. Paul. This store is awesome for any woman looking for some the hottest, trendiest looks of today for the expecting Mom-to-be as well as any other "hot" lady! See the wonderful Hot Mama crew from the St. Paul store! They fixed me up with a classy and, well, HOT, outfit for Imaging USA in San Antonio next weekend. Thanks, ladies!!!