OK, hhhhhhhhhhhhh, I just finished this painting (10"x10") and need to mail all my paintings today to Carole's studio. We will take them all down to Rosemary Beach for our show and workshop! I think I'm happy with this one. I used sand in the bottom left area to give a "beachy" texture. Would love any comments!

Be blessed!


Daily Photo Tips! said...

beautiful work claire!!!!

cforet1 said...

awesome!!! truly fine, sis!!

swan said...

You know, I don't really go for paintings. I don't know why, but I'm rarely interested or inspired by them.

This, though, is _very_ cool! I'd hang it in my house, for sure. So, you must be rockin' if you can make _me_ like a painting!


Have fun with Carole!

Bruce said...

I like these new works, Claire. The compositions are pleasing, the colors are beautiful and comforting, and the textures are awesome! ++ My favorite in this series is Day with Daddy ... not sure why, but I do enjoy the simplicity of the design.

I recently posted one of my pastels on my blog. I would love your feedback on it!