Painting Weekend in Rosemary Beach, FL!!!

I had a wonderful time in Rosemary Beach last weekend (despite the cold weather) with my twin sister Carole Foret, friends Eileen Armitage, Marsha Whitaker, and Carla Swinney. We were there for the Girls Getaway Weekend put on by Kim Jameson of Columbia, TN and Kathy Kemp of Rosemary Beach. This event was so much fun packed with events that interested women. We girls got to stay in this great home that some family so generously allowed us to use for the weekend. (THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!). Carole shot this video tour of the house. Take a look!

This image is of Kathy Kemp and me and the 45 min. painting I did of her during the "Meet and Greet" on Friday evening. I tried to capture a likeness of her the best I could in the almost candle light of the room and the time constraint. I think I got a likeness. What about you?

The first day (on Friday) Carole and I taught our painting workshop. We have so much fun teaching together, and we receive so much blessed fulfillment teaching these ladies ways to create images on canvas. Seeing THEIR joy is AWESOME! We hope to go to more cities to teach in the future. Want us to come to yours??? Just contact us! I also sold 5 paintings there - HAPPY ME! Pink Bikini went to Kim Jameson as she saw her daughter in it. Her daughter has beautiful red hair, too. :)


cforet1 said...

So much fun during this "destination workshop!" We have got to do more. This was so much fun with some of the most awesome ladies. Thanks, Ladies for such fun and inspiration!

ckayser said...

FUN!!! Painting students ROCK! We love you!