... JULIA A.!!!

I am going to start spotlighting one of my students' paintings each week so that you can see what we're doing and see progress from week to week. Also, it gives me a chance to "toot that artist's horn" for them! Last week we had "free week" where everyone painted whatever they wanted. Julia A. painted this old blue truck, and I loved what she did with it. The original picture showed much more - people putting pumpkins into the back of it in front of an old barn. Julia decided to simplify it, and this is her portrayal below. Way to go, Julia!


PAINTING CLASSES-enrollment update!

My morning class for next fall session starting November 6th is full! I have plenty of space in my evening class, so any of you 9-5ers interested in the class could take that class. Looking forward to having my old students as well as my new ones!!!


My Dad's Storytelling Event!

I am so proud of my Dad! (Bill Hunt) He has gone to LSU Alexandria (Louisiana) this weekend to be featured in their storytelling festival. His book along with, "To Kill a Mockingbird" and "Twelve Years a Slave" are ones being featured this weekend. Imagine writing a book that is grouped with those two! This is a recent photo of my Dad from his book cover.
My Dad at Storytelling Event!If you haven't ever read his book, "Last Witness From a Dirt Road," you must read it.

It is a fictionalized memoir of a time in the 40's when "Billy" was 12 years old, living as the son of an overseer of a sugar cane plantation in Louisiana. It's a perfect time to cozy up near a fire with some some coffee or cocoa and read! The book is available in many stores--Amazon, barnes and noble, so grab one at your first chance. This photo is a shot of my Dad when he was 12 years old--the age that he is in this book.



I wanted to put a spotlight on a cool website and book that's out called "What Happy Couples Do." Carol Bruess (last name rhymes with "peace") and her coauthor Anna Kudak (I've not gotten to meet her yet, but I'm sure she's just as charming as Carol...) are writing and accepting stories from couples about their personal rituals and things they do to keep their marriage happy. Check out their site and blog and enter your stories! It's such a positive thing they are doing especially in this age of divorce and marital strife, and I want to do whatever I can to support it. I'm sure you would, too.

Anyone want to share some cool things you do to make your spouse happy or keep the peace in the marriage? Share your ideas!

I do couples photo shoots and will be running a special starting this coming week! Join my newsletter for all the latest.


Sophie & Merrit

These are some of my favorites from a shoot last week with these two beautiful children. They are cousins to each other, and we had so much fun in the leaves for part of the shoot. Enjoy!


Blog just for paintings!

I've just created a new blog called "In Claire's Studio" to showcase and give more information on my paintings. I've always used my website as a gallery for images of my work and have not wanted to have extra text with the images. I wanted a clean look. Now, you can see information and purchase pieces straight off my new blog! You will need a Paypal account which easy to set up as long as you have a bank account and credit card. All transactions will be safe and secure. I will be getting some new work up sooooooooooon, so please check it out!!!