... to Rosemary Beach, FL for my show and workshop with Carole. Back late on Monday. Will have new work and fun stuff to show sooooooooooooooon!

Be well, all!


What, for YOUR special Valentine?!

Give your man a gift he'll never forget!  He will LOVE having a book of images of you to cherish for a lifetime.  Here's the deal:

Boudoir Package
100 images
private online gallery
coffee table book of 50 images

Schedule now up until Feb. 7 to get your book in time for Valentine's Day!




Gay Belkin! Gay just started painting with me this fall and is doing wonderfully. She is tackling a pretty tricky image to paint that is this swimmer as she just dove into the water, so there are bubble effects in the water, various amounts of light, various colors of blues and greens in the water.... She has really done a super job! I love her contrast of light and darks portrayed - such richness she has achieved with those colors. She has also stayed quite loose in her brushstrokes, too. Great job, Gay!


Be the First!

... to get your cool C and C Workshop t-shirt! They are now on order and will be ready and available at our Rosemary Beach Workshop Feb. 1. Reserve your size by emailing Claire (claire@clairekayser.com). The shirts are super cute and simple with our slogan "tap your creativity, feed your soul...") on the front, and our green block logo on the upper back. Shirts are "girly cut," meaning fitted, and come in S, M, L and XL. 100% cotton! Cost is only $20 - $18 for workshop students! Limited number available!



I had a shoot with a beautiful, smart, sweet young woman - Jori! She's the daughter of one of my painting students, and I had the opportunity to shoot her today before she goes back to Hamilton in NY! Today was about 5 degrees outside where we first shot some pics. Gorgeous blue sky - we've had lots of cloudy days lately. Winter and snow can be a fun time to shoot! Then we shot inside their beautiful home. I loved the more relaxed images of her in the kitchen. Thanks, Jori! You were so much fun to work with!


Become a FOLLOWER!

Hey All!

Just wanted to alert you to something you could do if you're interested. That is to become a follower of my blogs. All you need to do is to scroll down and look on the right side column and go the follower section. Click that and just follow the link. Hopefully, you will think my blogs are cool and something you want to see with some frequency. I don't know - maybe not. I would love to know who looks at my blogs anyway. I have the "follower" link on both this blog and my painting one. It won't send you any unsolicited emails or anything like that. If YOU have a blog, you can put this feature on your blog for others, too, as it's great for networking among bloggers and sites. Let's trade followership!!!!



Happy Birthday, David!

Today is my other brother David's 45th birthday - same age as Tom! I wish him many more happy years and wish I could hug him and hear him say,"I'm glad you got to see me!" David always was "mean" to Carole and me growing up, and he still has his ways!!! ;))) As years have gone by, I've realized how much like my Dad David really is in personality and character. He shows his love by picking on you! Go figure! Took me about 30 years to realize he really loved me instead of hated me. He's a great big brother!

He'll never see this post as I'm sure he's never even visited a blog before. He's probably out in the woods somewhere hunting or perhaps on the golf course as the weather in Athens, AL has been quite balmy for January (70s!).



I've been making changes to my site lately, first going with a black background last month. This morning, I've been trying to have my site's splash page reflect what I do - both painting and photography - by having those 3 blocks look nice, classy, cool - all at once! Take a look, and tell me what you think! Better yet, click to it!



It was hard not putting Michael Buble's "Everything" back after the Christmas music as the main song on my website, but I feel like I need to put something new just in time with the new year. I've discovered a new artist that I've really liked so far - Paolo Nutini! I found his song on Blu Domain's site as a sample. I'm really excited to have found more contemporary music as I tend to be stuck in the 70s sometimes. I love my 70s stuff tho! My site's first 2 songs are Paolo's. Check it out!


I have decided to do a Thursday morning painting workshop along with my Tuesday morning one in order to accommodate more great students! Here's the schedule:

Tuesdays and Thursdays
Tues. Jan. 8 - Feb. 12, Thur. Jan. 10 - Feb. 14
Bring supplies
I'll have coffee and snack

Please let me know asap if interested in the Thursday morning class. Tuesday is FULL.
Email me!




Hope everyone rang in the new year with lots of joy and happiness! My twin sister Carole and her daughter Sarah were still in town to celebrate with us along with our friends the Lynchs, Peter, Tracy, Matt, and Erin. Tom made a wonderful meal for us all - gumbo, smoked brisket, pulled pork, the Lynchs brought Lisa's yummy salad and Tim's delicious chocolate cheesecake and raspberry sauce. Yummy!!! Here's a pic of the adults.

I wish everyone a very happy, prosperous 2008, and hope to see you soon!