Thanks to the Leslies and the Mayos for allowing me to do commissioned paintings for them recently! The Leslies wanted a street scene buzzing with people 30x40", and I did this scene from a quaint, charming town on the ocean - Sorrento, Italy. I visited Sorrento in 1994 while there for art school. BEAUTIFUL littel town!

The other painting is more of an impression of the client's husband and two children that she wanted done in the same style as a few painting I've done recently that are less detailed and have an abstract, geometric quality to them. She wanted red and blue sky. I made it up completely - knowing the husband and children and trying to convey their personalities and gestures as simply and possible. I think I captured it, and she certainly thought so! I was proud, but I know it was completely God working in me to accomplish it. Thank you, God!

Thank you Leslies and Mayos!


Lojo said...

Claire, I love your description and inspiration on the Mayo Painting. It was a big surprise at a breakfast meeting today when I was showing off your site and a mutual friend stumbled into the Fathers Day painting that I was raving about. It was fun to be able to share it on the spot, and everyone seemed to go crazy over it. Still having a hard time waiting on presenting it to the Father of the year!


ckayser said...

Oh, that's AWESOME! Well, I'm the worst about keeping surprises surprises. :( Hope he is surprised nonetheless. Can't wait to hear! It was so much fun to paint their personalities.