20% OFF! ....... thru May 3, so HURRY!

Now, you may take advantage of another offer if you missed the deal earlier! To the first 3 to respond, get 20% off a painting commission - any size painting, any choice of subject matter. See general painting pricing and contract. Contact me by responding to this post (click "comment" at the bottom of this post), and we can discuss your idea. GREAT for Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthday or any occasion where you want to give something original and unique! This special offer is only online through my blog and is good thru May 3!


Anonymous said...

Is this offer still valid? If so, please email The Fesers in Huntsville, AL.


kw said...

Hi, is this offer still available? Is there a timeframe of when we need to provide a subject/photo to you? Thank you, KW

ckayser said...

Just get your idea to me as soon as possible and we will get going!