Peter & Pheasants!

Wow! Our minister Peter who is new to hunting, showed up at our door at 10:00 Wednesday night. He had said that if he got any pheasants he would come and lay them on our table. HE DID! He and is cute dog Barney were tired after a day of hunting - you can see the sleepiness in Barney's eyes. Peter was elated, to say the least. Look at the beautiful colors in these birds. Way to go Peter!


Anonymous said...

love the wiemaraner. I have two. I just posted some pic's on them on my new *very new* Blog.

ckayser said...

Thanks, Casey! Thanks also for spelling "weimaraner!" I'll check out your blog!

Happy new year!

Mike said...

Nice pheasents, they are such beautiful birds! I would love to go pheasent hunting and have a feast! On another note, I cant believe how talented you and your sister are (I met Carole in TN at OSPS2), nice stuff on your website!

ckayser said...

Thanks, Mike! Thanks for checking it all out. See my latest little post here.

Where are you located? I'll have to check you out, too!