CKFA Drawing Workshop!

Claire Kayser Fine Art - Drawing 101

Tonight and tomorrow night I'm teaching a basic drawing workshop - the first several I plan to do this year. It's full! I've got 8 great students, and we will be diving right into to drawing, then I will teach some basic concepts and will have students draw again the simply shaped object. Day 2 will cover 1 and 2-point perspective. Looking forward to a fun night with goodies and coffee to make that much more enjoyable!


Claire Kayser said...

OH, what a super job everyone did! YOu exceeded my expectations in every way. See you again tonight, and we will shoot some pics, too!

Claire Kayser said...
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Carole Foret said...

Sis, I wish I could be a fly on the wall--sounds like so much fun!

Check out our C&C blog--Just updated it with the latest news about our Painting Journeys!

DaisyGiraffe said...

Claire, the workshop was great! I learned alot and now I'm one of those annoying people who draw in public. Thanks for giving me the courage!


DaisyGiraffe said...

P.S. I bought a beautiful journal to write and draw in. I'll show it to you Thursday night!

Claire Kayser said...


It's so great to write and draw your life. I think you'll really enjoy it. Can't wait to see it..

See you tomorrow, Anne!