Want More Happiness?

There was a great article in the Pioneer Press Life section about couples and parenting that I think is a must read! It happens to be written by my friends Carol Bruess and her coauthor Anna Kudak of What Happy Couples Do and What Happy Parents Do. Wildly popular books written by two great gals from the twin cities!!! They are working, now, on one about sisters that will be sure to delight those in "sista relationships." Look for it within about a year! See their site here.

What Happy Couples Do: Belly Button Fuzz & Bare-Chested Hugs--The Loving Little Rituals of Romance
What Happy Parents Do: Ninety-Three Cents and a Little Humpty Dumpty--The Loving Little Rituals of a Child-Proof Marriage

I have talked so much lately to friends about reconnecting with their husbands and trying to be the best they can be in relationship. I feel like Tom and I have reached a higher peak of happiness in our marriage of 13 years, and it feels great!. I have been reading another book, too, that is a great 40 day journey to love your spouse with purpose. It's called The Love Dare. Check it out at Amazon!
The Love Dare

All of this philosophy falls in line with living life to the fullest - each and every moment.



Anonymous said...

Be happy!!!

Claire Kayser said...

I agree!