Well, I guess I can't complain after our whole family has not experienced sickness in about 3 years now, but that all just ended at 3:00 am this morning. Grace got some kind of stomach virus, yeah, I'm sure the one that everyone else seems to be getting. She didn't realize that she needed to throw up, and I didn't either, and it unfortunately - VERY UNFORTUNATELY - happened on the side of her bed. Tom and I spent about 45 min. cleaning up everything while she heaved a couple more times during the process, this time in the right place. Yeah! I'm happy to report that she felt like a million dollars by 11:00 am...

I think Tom and I have had a touch of some form of it, too, but have suffered from sleep deprivation at least as much.

Hope you're spared!

I'm heading to bed now!

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