Our Evening with the Grays!

Jason and Taya Gray and their 3 handsome boys had dinner with us Kaysers on Wednesday night. Jason is a very talented Christian music singer/songwriter who was recently signed to a record label last fall. His music can now be heard on Christian radio all across the country! Here in the twin cities the station is KTIS FM 98.5. His latest record is "All the Lovely Losers" featuring the hit track "Blessed Be." Check out his music! You will find his writing to be refreshingly clever and he really ROCKS on his acoustic guitar. Sometimes, you might think you're listening to Lyle Lovett or Tom Petty.

First, we did a family photo session just a couple of blocks away. Then we had a wonderful salmon dinner that Tom made. YUMMY! We enjoyed hearing hilarious stories of experiences on the road and staying with host families. Such an enjoyable time we had before they hit the road again now through December! Safe travels, Grays! Catch them in your town if you get the chance - you won't be sorry!


cforet1 said...

Awww, Sis--how awesome! How jealous I am that I didn't get to be there too! :( Looks and sounds like y'all had an awesome time together. Jason and his family totally rock!

Tina said...

Great pics. Way to go Claire! Love this blogging...got the fever!


Neal Jacob Photography said...

Sweet! :) Looks like a fun family!

I just did two family sessions last week, their on my blog. :)