My Kids Art camp just started today, and we had a blast! I have quite a range in age and wanted to see where each student was in their skill level - a wide range. Tomorrow, we will be painting on canvas - self portraits! What I love about teaching children is their inhibition to dive in and try things and the honesty in their work. Learning to paint is so much about knowing color, learning to mix and produce new colors, and putting it on canvas. These kids dove in with both feet! I'm so proud of them!
Day 1

Christopher's Self Portrait

Anna's Self Portrait

Mimi's Self Portrait

Emily's Self Portrait

Clare's Self Portrait

Sam's Self Portrait

This image of Mimi shows her newly missing tooth! Yes, while I was knelt down instructing her with something in her painting, she held out her hand, and said, "Oh, I just lost my tooth!" She had pushed it out with her tongue - no blood or anything! I think it was ready to come out! Hope the tooth fairy was good to you, Mimi!

This was our last day (day 3), and everyone had finished their self portraits, and we moved on to animal themes. Everyone at least started, and I gave them each some tips to continue on their own.

Thanks, Christopher, Anna, Mimi, Emily, Clare and Sam for a great camp! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!



cforet1 said...

Sis, what an awesome group of kids. They DID jump in with both feet--wow! Wonderful work! Great job, Teach!

ckayser said...

Lots of fun and great kids!