Carole's and My 40th Birthday!

Yep, Carole and I just celebrated 40 years of being on Mother Earth!!! My family spent 2 weeks in Alabama - one week with my family in Athens and another week (4th of July) in beautiful Orange Beach, I'll be posting more trip pics from the vacation in another post. Our birthday celebration was in downtown Athens in front of Carole's studio. We had the street blocked off and had a live band the Valley Cats play. We served Southern-style barbecue inside and dancing outside. FUN!!! My dear friend Eileen came from St. Paul to Athens to be with Carole and me for 2 days and the party. That was one of the most special gifts I could've asked for. Life is all about our relationships and living in the moment - nothing's more special than spending time with family and friends, and that was what our birthday celebration was all about! Here are just a few pics!

Just after picking up Eileen at the airport!

Carole and I each had our own cakes, and here we are cutting pieces for our guests. Mine had a rainbow and sunshine and Carole's - flowers and sun. :) (Carole's in foreground, me in back)

My Dad STILL can cut a rug like nobody's business!

A fun group of us!

Eileen, Yvonne, & Marcia!

Sister Grace
played some tunes while the Valley Cats took their break. A shot of Carole on drums!

Carole and Van Trent who was like a big brother to Carole and me growing up. He's a great dancer, too... ;)))

A shot of beautiful downtown Athens, AL at midnight after the celebration.


Carole Foret said...

Yay!! A ROCKIN' awesome time. Loved it Sis! So glad to have been with y'all those 2 weeks. Love you!

ckayser said...

Me, too, Sis! We loved our vacation and getting to spend time with all the family. Glad you're back from TN so we can talk!


marcia said...

Had a boatload of fun at y'alls "swassy" party!!! You party girls, you!!!!! Talk about celebrating good times...COME ON!!!!!


SamTheMan said...

Hi Claire, I'm a little late to this post so please forgive me. Happy belated birthday ladies!