Tag! I'm it!!!

OK, some cool photographers on OSP are playing some sort of game of tag. I've been tagged, so I'm supposed to name 8 random facts about me, so I will - no problem! I love reading fun things about people as it helps us to get to know each other more personally. Here goes!

1. I should've been a dancer.
2. I'm easily spooked!
3. I hate arrogance in people.
4. I cry easily (like hearing about LeAnn's camera gettng stolen at a wedding.)
5. I laugh at the most inappropriate moments (like when people trip - Carole and I used to sit and watch people trip over this one brick sticking up on Auburn's campas near the cafeteria. Lots of laughs. We all tripped on it at one time or another!)
6. I get irritated when people can't return a "Hi, how are you?"
7. I've been in 2 movies.
8. I'm trying to be more like Jesus - a feminine Jesus.

*Facts subject to change without notice!

I'm tagging:
Jenny Driscoll
Johnny Magnoski
Jessica Claire
Christina Tiechroew
Fred Eagan

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