My Beloved Cousin Jodi...

This is a picture I just found in the bottom of my button drawer (along with other old photos) of my Aunt Jerry and my late cousin Jodi who died of cancer a year ago July 1st at the age of 43. I didn't recall having this picture, but I must've snapped it one of the last times I ever saw her when I visited Lake Charles, LA a few years ago. I'm so happy I found this picture as it really shows the kind of person she was - forever an inspiration to me as someone who loved her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ profoundly and also loved her family and friends in much the same way. She was always one of my favorite cousins so fun, vivacious, funny, and loving... I'm not too surprised I found this picture in my dresser drawer after so many years. Just always a reminder never to let a day go by without saying you love the ones you love.

God bless you, Jodi! I love you forever, and I know that you are dancing for Jesus in your heavenly eternal life.


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Carole Foret said...

Sis, i wss stunned to see that photo when your blog popped up! Oh my goodness! thank you for sharing. I miss ol' Jodi--but her legacy of loving Christ sure does live on!

Love, Sis