Sarah McLachlan ROCKED!!!

Above image courtesy of Star Tribune photographer Kyndell Harkness
All others, Claire Kayser

Butterfly Boucher (from google images)

Melissa McClelland (from google images)

What an awesome show Sarah Mclachlan put on last night at the Orpheum!  I've never seen her before in concert, and I was so impressed with her as an artist, humanitarian and seemingly as just an genuine, fun, personable and charming lady!  Her format, as she talked about at the opening of her show, was to highlight a couple of her backup singers/guitar players as part of her show in lieu of having an opening act.  VERY COOL!  Selfless!  Impressed!  They were Butterfly Boucher, 31-yr.-old Aussie, and Melissa McClelland, 31-yr.-old Canadian, and they were great singers, rockers, lyricists in their own right.  Also Lilith artists.  While she sang many songs from her current album "Laws of Illusion," she mixed in a few of her older tracks like "World on Fire, " "Fallen," "Possession," "Surrender," "Building a Mystery," "Adia," and "Angel" to name a few.  Also, if you submitted a question on paper that went into a hat, she answered random questions from the audience throughout the show.  To me, it showed her desire for her audience to know her and gave opportunities for her to share things about her, like her start into the music business at the age of 17, fun things she does with her two, young daughters, and whether or not she plans to produce any more purely instrumental tracks.  To that, she humorously and honestly said that the previous instrumental tracks were ones she just couldn't find lyrics to match.  Sarah's show was a full 2 hours, 45 min., and she never took a break while her colleagues played and sang their songs.  In fact, she sang background vocals and played either guitar or piano.  Happy to share the stage and let them shine!

Also, Sarah and Melissa both talked about their passion and involvement with World Vision and how it's affected their lives.  If we felt compelled to sponsor a child last night, we got a free cd of theirs.  My family has been supporting World Vision for years and can attest to what a great organization it is!

To cap this show: genuine, from the heart, great artistry, great music, lyrics, fun, laughter...

I think I can say that I enjoyed this concert, these women artists, more than any show I've seen in a long time...

What can I say?  Sarah ROCKS!

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Carole Foret said...

eOh, how I wish I could have come up and gone to that! Your photos and write-up make it so fun! Almost like we were there... :)