OMG!! Our Christmas tree fell this afternoon about 1:30! No one was near it - I was in the kitchen and heard this boom and shattering. I ran into the living room and there our beautiful tree had fallen and so many ornaments had shattered. We we're sad! :(((( So, after we tried to calm down and after we got over the dread of having to re-trim the tree, and I mean, start ALL OVER we got to work again! The reason it fell is that it was kind of crooked in the stand because it has a weird stump!

This picture was the FIRST time we trimmed the tree about 3 weeks ago. See how happy we were?

This was right after it fell, and we had started to sweep up all the glass... sad!

Here is the tree now! About 1/2 the lights, but still lots of ornaments! It's now 6:30.

Now, we can laugh!

We're still blessed. At least it didn't fall during the night or ON anyone...


Carole Foret said...

Aww, Sis, that is sad! Y'all had the most beautiful glass ornaments!! Aww, I'm so sorry that happened, but yes, remembering things in perspective, you're still blessed!

Merry Christmas! Our Savior is born!

ckayser said...

That's right! OUr Savior IS born!!!

DaisyGiraffe said...

Oh those smashed ornaments look sad. I'm happy no one was hurt...and no presents were damaged. ;-)