A Few of my favorite things...

I like to identify things that I've come to love or can't do without during this holiday season. I shot pictures of most of my "favorite things" this season. Here they are!

I just downloaded this holiday season the Carpenter's Christmas disc.  It had about 20 songs on it - a few very familiar, but others I had never heard.  I LOVED IT!  I think Karen Carpenter had one of the best voices ever - such a vocal range and pure.

I always have to have this on my lips - at ALL TIMES - especially once this MN air becomes super dry.
I got these arm warmers (like the leg warmers of the 80s which I never owned) but these are to warm the arms. I like wearing them just over my hands to keep them warm. I'm wearing them as I type. Does the job well. Thanks GAP!

Family time is soooooooooooo important especially during holiday times. This shot was from Thanksgiving which we had here at our house. Tom is a fabulous cook, and he lets the girls help out especially for the deserts if there might be something to sweet to dip a finger into... :))

The girls have been playing the piano since February and are doing a great job. I enjoyed their Christmas music so much. Their winter recital went well, and Olivia was the only one who played without her music in front of her. Way to go O!

Homemade cranberry sauce is so GOOD!!! It's so easy to make, too, and here Olivia is making it for us. Get a pack of cranberries and a large measuring bowl. Pour cranberries in along with about 1/2 cup of orange juice and 1/2 cup of sugar. Heat for about 2 min. in microwave, stir, another min., stir, another min., stir - do this for about 8 - 10 min. total and the berries will be bursting and the cranberry sauce will be nice and chunky. Viola!

I love shooting pics of my kids playing in the snow! I just got a lens that I've been wanting for about 1 1/2 years. It's AWESOME! Great bokeh (blur around the subject).

Picking out the tree on December 4th.

The first snow fall of the season is always so exciting for me! We had just gone to see "The Best Christmas Pagaent Ever" at Stepping Stone theatre and then were heading to Cafe Latte for dinner after. The snow was really coming down!
Trimming the tree! Turn on the Christmas music and let the fun (except the lights) begin!

We went to SPA's Middle School winter concert, and was I ever impressed with the skill and talent of these kids! I know much credit goes to Almut Englehardt-Kachian who teaches stringed instruments to these kids. Music moves me like nothing else, and I was brought to tears several times during this show, feeling so proud of these 11-14-year olds...

Joanie brought these shortbread Christmas cookies and hot apple cider to our last painting class. These cookies were DE-LICIOUS! Thanks for your sweetness, Joanie!

Julia gave me this reversible hat by Nike. She had ordered one, and they sent two, and I was the honored recipient of her extra one. Stripes one side and more elegant on the other. LOVE IT! Thanks, Julia!

I love J Crew's skinny belts and got this foiled ones for the holiday season. Don't worry, I will be wearing my wide, leather ones, too...

My new red Chuck Taylor's!
What a dreadful incident of that apartment building burning this week in Burnsville, MN that displaced about 65 families as they lost everything and have to start all over. A fund was started through US Bank and someone anonymously gave $1 million dollars to help these people! Tears again!!! I have gotten to where I try only to read good news stories, and one couldn't help but see this on the front page of the Pioneer Press! Yea!!! Hope and belief in the goodness of humanity prevail.

THESE have been my favorite things this season so far!


Carole Foret said...

Aww--I love this post! Thanks for sharing all that, Sis--makes me feel more like i was a part of it all this seaon. REally like those arm warmers...

ckayser said...

I wear them a lot! Just covering to tops of my hands keeps them so warm. Also, great will 3/4 length tops...

GoBigGreen said...

Hi, you dont know me but my mom sends me your links. You can get arm warmers at any bike store or online at any sporting goods/bike specialty store. They may not be as cute as those but they are certainly warm and functional and I wear them all the time if i am working out or just going outside and want an extra layer!
Happy New Year:)
Julia Mairs