Art Camp I - Wow!

I had a wonderful group of young, budding artists this week for my first art camp of the summer! Wow, did they do a wonderful job! We did self portraits first, and this is a shot of them with their paintings. They learned basic color theory, toning, proportion, scumbling and other fun techniques. They even learned critiquing and involving in conversations about art and fun stuff! Way to go Elizabeth, Hannah, Anna, Gemma and Maggie - you were so much fun to work with, and I hope you continue on with your artistic journey!


Carole Foret said...

So precious! I love how you get them to great self portraits--priceless!!

Mint & Sage Photographic Artists said...

Wow! Those are so fun! :)

ckayser said...

They were so great! I'm amazed at what they do, and I think they loved their portraits alot.

Joni Kristo said...

Hi Claire,
Anna had so much fun at Art Camp and can't wait to attend again next summer. And I can't wait to get her portrait and PIG framed and hung on the wall. Thank-you!

ckayser said...

Yea, Anna!!!

She was thinking about her adorable Mom during class and wanted nothing more than to paint her a pig! She did!

Rock on, Anna!

I loved having you in class!