Twins and Friends Art Show!

I wanted to post the invitation to the Twins and Friends show on the 31st in Alabama.  You see my painting which is an oil on canvas, my sister Carole's is an encaustic (pigments with beeswax) painting, and the peace bracelet made by Chicago-based artist Jean Basse.  I own this bracelet and wear it all the time - the peace sign is rough silver attached to brown leather.  She makes it with black leather, too.  Jean also works with pearls and other great semi-precious gems.  I can hardly wait 'til her site is done so that you could see what she does and order straight thru her site.  James Dean will also be showing his Pete the Cat stuff.  Great!  Check it out.  Anything can be purchased and shipped to you!  Simply contact Carole or Leslie at Carole Foret Studio at 256.232.2521.

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Carole Foret said...

Can't wait, Sis! It's going to be awesome!