Painting at Hudson Boat Marina!

We had a gorgeous day to paint outside at the Hudson, Wisconsin Boat Marina.  Thanks to Joanie Delamater for having us all out to paint and enjoy a most delicious spread of food that she provided for us!  Thanks, Joanie!!!  We battled our acrylic paint drying so fast, but the painting ladies did fabulous work.  Check out the pictures!  Fun time, Gay, Joanie, Julia and Molly!  

Next week, we will be in beautiful Stillwater at Heidi's newly renovated barn (beautiful home) on a lake with a pool and cute pool house, too.  So much to paint!  Thanks to you ladies for your generosity in having us invade your spaces with easels, paints, palettes and fun, crazy women!

Looking forward...!  :))))))

Gay, frustrated with her painting... (It turned out kind of surreal- beautiful!)

Inside Joanie's wonderful boat when we were waiting for Joanie's treats!

Joanie at work!

Joanie's painting and palette

Molly at work on her masterpiece!

Julia at work on her graphic birds.  Sorry no pic of them.  :(

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Carole Foret said...

Oh I WANNA COME!!! Oh, that looks like so much fun! I really really wish I could be there....