Happy Birthday, Patsy!!!

We got to share in the great celebration of Patsy Stinchfield's birthday party Saturday night! What a fun time at Dixie's with the band "Power of 10" who sang some great party songs from the 70s. We've been to hear Boogie Wonderland with Randy and Patsy before as we love our 70s music. Anyway, just a few snaps. Julia Adams joined Tom and me to the party. See us and then see Patsy breakin' it down on stage, then the lovely ladies of the band. Fun night! Thanks, Stinchfields!


Julia Adams said...

It was a great birthday party! Loved the dancing...can't wait till the next one.

Anonymous said...

OH Lord!
So one of my little lifetime goals came true when I pretended I was part of the band--SANS alcohol. Sadly, it didn't require much encouragement to get up there!
Thanks for the fun!
Patsy--AKA Crazy 50 year old.

Carole Foret said...

oooh! sounds fun!! looks fun!! hapy birthday patsy!!

ckayser said...

Patsy, it wouldn't have taken much for me either. We're cut from the same cloth in that regard!

FUN, it was!!!

Happy 50th!