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I'm still spotlighting one of my painting student's art work at least periodically. I'm late in getting Julia Singer's work up and meant to spotlight it weeks ago! My apologies! Anyway, Julia first and foremost is a creative writer and author, and she started painting with me a year ago and had never really painted before. Recently, I taught a class on using a palette knife, and Julia has really gone town with it! She hasn't used a brush since. I loved the graphic quality to this painting and how she really made great use of her undertoning colors (such as the turquoise color around the bull), and all of her scumbling effects! LOVE IT!!! Way to go, Julia!

Please read more below on Julia's credentials and what she submitted to me!

Julia Klatt Singer just finished writing her novel, Timothy Burning, this
fall. A fictional story set in southern Wisconsin that chronicles the lives
of the St. James family, whose mother leaves them in 1969 to be a nurse in
Vietnam. Set in two Octobers, the smell of timothy grass burning carries
with it, for Tara St. James, memories of her mother, of loss, of a world she
can no longer be a part of. The novel explores what happens, when one woman
walks away from her life, to the people who love her and the stangers she

Julia Klatt Singer writes fiction and poetry. She received a master degree
in Creative Writing from Hamline University. Ms. Singer has participated in
the Loft Mentor Series in Non-fiction and Poetry. She works as a visiting
writer to the school through COMPAS. She is one of four writers who
collaboratively wrote "12 Branches" published April 2003 by Coffee House
, which was nominated for the Minnesota Book Award. Her stories and
poems have appeared in over three dozen journals. Ms. Singer lives in
Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Check out her wonderful work!

Looking forward to January's class, Julia!

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Anonymous said...

i like the graphic quality and the layers of color you used.