The Guthrie Theatre!

I'm embarrassed to say that in my 9 years here in the twin cities that yesterday was the first time a set foot in the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis. What an awesome architectural structure!!! This place was built with thought put into every detail. It's very modern and expansive. It's views are awesome from almost every floor (about 10 floors). I went with my new friend Erin Kelly who I met sitting next to me on my Northwest flight to Memphis in September. What a great lady! We talked all the way to Memphis and had a blast. She's a lawyer from Edina and has worked closely with my father-in-law's firm Robbins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi.

This floor of the Guthrie featured this amazing blue glass the was so expansive and gave a very dramatic way to view the gorgeous view over the Mississippi.
This floor featured yellow glass and was so blazing with this warmer tone to view the same view. It was so cool!!! Kind of eerie...
I shot this outside of the 9th floor outdoor area. This outdoor area feels like stadium seating to allow viewers to sit and take in the beauty all around. The collapsed bridge is where to 2 cranes are which is between the distant arched bridge and the smaller one in front.
The windows from inside are like boxes. They are very deep, and the top, bottom and sides have darker reflective surfaces. It adds so much dimension to every view from them. This image shows the reflected surfaces on the top and left.
I shot Erin in front of the Gold Medal Flour building. I noticed that the Guthrie with it's blue and yellow color scheme matched the signage of the it's flour neighbor. I have to think that might have been planned...

Fun day! Go experience it! The restaurant was good, too. We had lunch there.


Carole Foret said...

Wow, what a cool building! Do the windows look that color from the outside?? Cool...Erin sure is cute too--I know y'all had a great time!


ckayser said...

The windows don't look quite that vibrant from the outside. It's just that it's kind of dark on the inside and the windows are so expansive allowing so much light in. So neat!!!

Jen said...

Oh neat! I've also been wanting to see the inside of the old flour museum too, I see that in the background of your friend's picture.
Hey, I have google alert me when my name comes up on the internet, and this week I got one, turnes out someone who did a report on caitlyn smith (one of the girl's in the girl band we photographed) and they used pictures from you and me! I'm so excited to be published! hahah.
Oh and thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.