Today's Shoot!

I've gotten the opportunity to work with these 2 wonderful children several times in the past. We decided to shoot outside only today - no studio. Rain was threatening and finally did after we finished. Poured! Thank God for sparing us! What a fun time! These 2 are so photogenic. What do you think! Thanks, Charlie and Anna, for a fun time!

Charlie - great hair and big blue eyes! Handsome young boy, indeed!
Anna used to be really shy and apprehensive in front of the camera. Today, she did so well and seemed herself and very comfortable. I love this one of her. I cropped in tight in processing and did an aged photo effect.
This is one of my favorites of Charlie. We found this old, red painted (peeling), fence in their alley and shot in front of it. Great shots we got!
St. Paul is JUST starting to sport some fall foliage. We were happy to find some leaves that had blown into this one area. Anna loved throwing them up and letting them fall.

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Carole Foret said...

Precious photos, Sis! Love the color rendition in them. Isn't it great to work with such awesome subjects??

Love you!