To begin last weekend, we stayed with our awesome sorority sister at Auburn, Susie Tiller Alexander (left). She is pictured here with gorgeous Mom Corky, otherwise known as "Momma." Corky reminded me so much of Katherine Hepburn and had loads of personality. What a sweety she was, and we all had a blast together. She also works at Art Under a Hot Tin Roof on Fridays.
We were hosted by Chris and Susie at their lovely home in Jackson. They love hosting, and you can tell. They were so gracious to us and are such a charming couple. It was great seeing Susie after 18 years (since I graduated from Auburn...)
This is the night I arrived in Athens before going to Jackson. Claire, my brother Carl, his wife Lacey and Carole. We were at Giovanni's for dinner that night.
Just a quick snap from the car as we went over the Tennessee River. Beautiful!
Right after we got to Jackson we went straight to the gallery and started getting ready for our workshop on Friday. Kat is on the left, Carole, then Leslie (Carole's great assistant came with us to help us out. She's a doll!)
A highlight of my trip was getting to go see Kat (gallery owner) and her husband Lorne's farmhouse. They live in the oldest farmhouse is west Tennessee built in the 1820s. I was so intrigued by how great Kat worked in contemporary pieces and art with the old, historical character of the home. They are art collectors, too, and own various works by Chagall, Matisse, Renior, Rembrandt and Picasso! Check out all those pics!
This pic is of the rear entry wash room in which they incorporated old architectural pieces into the design of the space. Kat is showing an old slave chain that is used to turn on the light in the room (MUCH better use, I must say!) Notice the sink that came out of some old structure. I wish I could have a Chagall in MY powder room... ;)
This is a shot of the home from the 1820s. I have a shot somewhere below of the home today!
The dining room was neat! White walls with cream trim and only drawings - very minimalist feel with no color.
Another shot...
The Rembrandt...
Kat and Lorne own this rectangular piano -beautiful- only a few made ever!
They kept a very farmhouse feeling to the kitchen, too.
One of the sitting rooms on the rear section of the house which was added on later. More modern decor in these areas. Sorry my pictures are out of order. Still learning this posting stuff!
This was an upstairs bedroom. All the beds everywhere were GORGEOUS! Very old and beautiful. I didn't notice this right away, but it looks like Kat is putting something on Carole's head. It's just the bed post behind her....
This is the living room that had the piano (over to the right not shown here). I loved the strong, vibrant color of these sofas and pillows. Quite contrary to the dining room, huh?
Here is a Picasso etching along with the copper plate. Notice the lines thru the plate which noted that the artist made the last etching at that point.
Kat and Lorne's bedroom. Lovely!
another shot...
Lorne had been outside mowing and doing all kinds of work. He got a little dirty...
Kitchen table - very cool and functional!
This side board base was the top of a milling funnel thing from a mill that Kat put a thick piece of glass for the top.
From inside the little house on their property pictured below. Carole sitting in the hand chair. Gosh I got these images backwards. Sorry...
Upstairs bedroom of this little house. Look at the great quilts. Everything is these homes had a history or a neat story!
The front door detail of the little house.
The little house. Gorgeous day in the 70s that day and so clear. Lovely!
Hhhhhhh... Back to a shot in Kat's bedroom.
Shot of Lorne in the gargantuan barn built by only 5 Amish men in 23 days. The amount of lumber they used was astounding and they used no electrical tools and equipment, of course.

The rear entrance to their farmhouse.
Loved these crosses at the little house!

This is after the art show at the country club where we had a wonderful dinner. Carole, Elizabeth Cashman ( last name) (also an identical twin to Lynn who was also a Kappa Delta with Carole and me), Frank Crafts from Athens, and me!
Leslie shot this from the second floor during the art show. Carole, me, Michelle, Jennifer, and Bonnie - a few of our students. They were great! See the students' chair paintings here, too!
... during the show...

On Sunday morning we left Jackson to go back to Athens. We stopped at a flea market and then here at this southern cafe for lunch. This was my lunch - big bowl of pintos, onions and cornbread. Yummy!
Carole and me at the outside table where we ate.
I see a painting in these dolls!
Not these...
I remember these commemorative Coke bottle with Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant. These were at the flea market.


Carole Foret said...

loooooooove the looooooooong post! (Yep, it's hare to line the photos up sometimes...hang in there!). Boy, you took some awesome pics! One of my favorites is your pinto bean lunch for a painting! hmmmmmm....


Jen said...

What a fun post! Loved the pictures and the stories. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

Jennifer said...

Claire, we are on our way home from Michigan and your blog is entertaining me! This farmhouse is gorgeous! Hope things are going well;)