Our Spring Break

We just ended our spring break here in St. Paul- 2 weeks! Most families from our school go to exotic places and use most of the 2 weeks for family fun. We just stayed home and kept it low key. Our weather was quite wishy washy with some warm weather that reached 81 degrees one day! Today - it's about 45. Anyway, the warm days allowed for a lemonade stand and tennis in the alley. These images of the girls are from those days outside. No Sam in any of these, but I'll find some later. Notice the snow in the background of the lemonade pic.! Love the irony! I wish I had shot images of the fort the kids made in the living room and lived in for 2 weeks sleeping in it at night. FUN!!! Hope all are enjoying fun family time and good spring weather!

Be Blessed!


cforet1 said...

Are there any more precious kids???? I miss them so much! I love you Sam! I love you Olivia Carole! I love you Grace! See in June!!!

Neal Jacob Photography said...

LOL! Love the lemonade stand. Here is was in the 80's and then it snowed on Good Friday! ++