This Letter Made Me Cry

As you can see, this letter was dated July of 2012.  This was a busy time for our family as we were moving to Chicago and had our house on the market for sale.  For showings, oftentimes the mail got shoved into a drawer to tidy up.  Soon, we moved, and that batch of mail got moved as well.  It wasn't until we moved into our new home that I came across this pile of mail from July (from the other house) that included perhaps the kindest, most touching letter from one of my long-time, beloved students Judy Johnson.  I opened it, and read it and was so incredibly touched to tears.  Also, I felt so bad not knowing about it until 3 months after she had written it and thinking that SHE must have thought that I had just blown it off!  So, I called her a day or so afterwards and thanked her for such a sweet letter so thoughtfully written from the heart.  It is truly one I will keep forever and refer to when I might not be feeling my best.  It's uplifting, to say the least, and I love and miss Judy who painted with me for 7 years in St. Paul and is a long-time teacher at the school my children attended, Saint Paul Academy.  

I love and miss you, Judy!  We will paint together again!



Carole Foret said...

Oh how wonderful and so deserving you are to receiv a letter like this. You can set your brush down and retire....I can only hope to make such an impact!

Claire Kayser said...

Thanks, Sis! I sure miss my painting ladies....