You Can Poison Our Trees, but...

 ... you can't kill the Auburn spirit!

Seems the Auburn win of the Iron Bowl got the best of this Alabama fan that he would drive 30 miles from his Dadeville, AL home to come poison the 130-year-old trees on Toomer's corner - trees that are the symbol of Auburn spirit for celebratory wins when they are rolled with toilet paper.
  62-year-old Harvey Almorn Updyke
was arrested today and charged with 3 felony charges. 
Read LA Times article here
Great one from SI.

Let's hope and pray that they live...


Carole Foret said...

It's sad that the evil of one individual would do something like that to not only Auburn, and the Auburn family, but to two pillars of God's Creation. Wow.

Anne-Marie said...

No Alabama fans are ever going to claim that dirtbag as one of their own. Maybe he should drink some of what he gave the trees.