Crystal Bowersox - "People Get Ready!"

All along this season of American Idol, I've thought Crystal should win the prize, and last night's performance just reitierates the fact!  She is the most soulful, talented, genuine competitor this year, IMO!  What I've loved about this season is that the talent has been incredible with such a colorful array of singers and singing styles.  Crystal's look with her dreadlocks, tatoos and not so perfect look won me over from the get go because she is so honest about who she is, and this girl has a GREAT voice, AND she can play numerous instruments.

Last night's show the artists were to sing inspirational songs with the fabulous R&B queen Alicia Keys as mentor!  Crystal was the last to perform, and she sang one of my favorites
"People Get Ready!"  Watch her moving performance!

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Carole Foret said...

WOW! Loved it! Made me tear up. Very moving--hope she wins!