My Love Affair with... LE-THAAA!!!! (Leather)

I have a thing for good le-thaaa! Ever since I was young my brother David would relish in good leather, too, and would say it that way and make Carole and me smell and EXPERIENCE it. Well, I have become much that same way with gorgeous, Italian leather shoes (that smell just SENDS me!), a good leather, studded belt, great leather purses, etc. I bought last year two leather, studded belts from Stowe Provisions. They sell thru Free People, but the guys are really great! Read their story here. One is from the twin cities, and I talked to him directly about my buckle when the belt came in with a different one than what was pictured. They just sent me another one - no problem.

Me, with my Italian leather strappy sandals from J Crew. You should've smelled them upon opening the box!!!

This belt says, "Here Comes the Sun" with a sun on the back center and hand-painted clouds on each side...

This one just says, "Peace" with hand-painted flowers.

Their belts are like the ones that Railroad Bazaar sold in my hometown of Athens, AL. I LOVED that store when I was young. It was so 70s with everything leather to be made and sold - like belts, leather bracelets with your name on it. Carole and I got one that we both LOVED until mine came off my wrist and sunk into the Tennessee River. I WAS SAD! We got another one made, but it just wasn't quite the same. Lastly, I just bought a beautiful leather purse from the Ruehl store at 40% off. Sadly, all the Ruehl stores are closing January 30, 2010, but I'm glad I was able to nab one of their finest.

What can I say? I just LOVE Le-thaaaa!!!


DaisyGiraffe said...

Oh that bag, that handbag. Oh. That's just heaven. I can smell if from here.

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