Remembering Julie...

I couldn't believe it when I got the email from a mutual photographer friend Johnny Magnoski with the subject line "Julie Steiskal has passed away".  I was in shock and desperately starting clicking on the Star Tribune link in the email telling the tragic story.  Read the whole story! She died a hero!

I know my friend's death seems tragic, but if there's a blessing in how she went it would be that she was in the great outdoors, in water and helping another individual.  That's what Julie LOVED!  I got to know her from the great community of photographers here in Minnesota that found each other on a photography forum called Open Source Photo (OSP).  She, Johnny, and I planned a huge event here in St. Paul at my house last year.  We had about 30 photographers for the 3 day event in which we did photo shoots and had meetings on the business side of the photography business.  Julie and I shared several lunches and coffees together over the last year, and I was so impressed by the beauty of the kind of person she was  - so upbeat, positive, funny, and she was an excellent writer, too.  Her Christmas card was one of my favorites this past season in which she had a beautiful image she shot of a spruce tree with snow in her yard with the moonlight in the distance.  Her writing on the other side was some of the most beautiful I had ever read.  See her website and blog for more musings.

I will surely miss Julie, but her spirit will forever live in my heart!


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