Leslie's Shoot!

I had one of the first shoots of the season now that our weather is finally turning warmer!  Yea!!!  My sister Carole and I first ever worked with Leslie 2 years ago during our model/talent shooting event here.  Leslie was hugely pregnant - BEAUTIFUL!  We wanted to shoot again after baby, so we did last week and had a great time.  Location is what I do, and we found so many cool spots just around the neighborhood here in St. Paul.  Leslie is hoping to do some print modeling, and we hope to use some of these images.  Thanks for a fun shoot, Leslie!  You were fun to work with!

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Carole Foret said...

Oh wow! Leslie looks so great since we shot her maternity stuff. She was so beautiful then too. :) Best of luck in her modeling venture! She could do it! Nice work, Sis!

Lindsey said...

Awesome shots-- she is gorgeous, and you really captured a beautiful range of expressions!