This is a slidshow from our recent Rosemary Beach Women's Getaway Weekend event where Carole and I had a painting show and taught a workshop together. It was so much fun in every way - teaching and getting to know great women from all over the South. The slideshow shows pics from our workshop, a photo shoot with the Atlanta women, and Carole, Carla, Marcia, Eileen, and me having fun on the beach - it was 30 degrees that day! Anyway, check it out! Click the link below!

Rosemary Beach Getaway Weekend!


Marcia "Swassy" W said...

HooRAY CLAIRE!!! I'm gonna be a STA-RAH!! LOLOLOLOL! I have just been grinning from ear to ear and even laughing out loud at some of the most wonderful antics we were involved in...and the other ladies we met on that trip...Girl, talk about an inspiring time...thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for having sense enough to take those pictures. LOVE and HUGS to Ms. CK!

ckayser said...

Marcia, yo da BOMB, GIRRRRRRRRRRRL!!! Olivia just can't wait to meet you! They sat here while I was creating that slideshow and thought you looked fun!!! I confirmed! I miss you, and hope life is good for you. Must see you in AL when we come this summer.

Love you!

Jules said...

I love that picture. :)

I want to be in it. :(

(Reading between the lines...I'm cold and tired of winter.)